Pain Points of Medical Writers:

  • It takes weeks and months to write a single regulatory medical document

  • Involves many resources, both internal and external

  • No easy way to analyze past documents to find relevant content
Our product addresses all of the above pain points by leveraging AI to find most reusable medical content by analyzing past medical documents.


Clinical NLP

Natural language processing (NLP), is a computing technique which parses and makes sense of free text. NLP is used to analyze text to determine its meaning, enabling computer applications that can communicate effectively with humans. Clinical NLP is a specialization of NLP that allows computers to understand and analyse the medical language from the documents. Our Clinical NLP engine compares thousands of clinical texts and determins the most common and reusable content.


Intelligent Extractor

Parse the PDF clinical documents and extract the unstructured content

Clinical Content Repository

Content repository with both source clinical content and approved clinical content

Clinical NLP

Specialized NLP engine which understands medical language and its semantics

No Tagging

No need to spend hours tagging the data for training the AI engine

Recommendation Engine

Get the most similar and reusable clinical content by our recommendation engine

Approval Workflow

Ability to review and approve the content to push into global approved content repository




Validated Hosting

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